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    Dynamic building text box with push of buttons

    ActusxReus Level 1

      Good Evening Everyone,


      Okay, so I was wondering if someone could just push me in the right direction on how I would go about doing something like this.


      I need it with Flash CS4, AS2...


      I want to make a little app, .swf, that has a bunch of buttons on them - each button corresponds to a string of text...


      So let's say, the buttons are marked as "Rd" "St" "Ln" etc...


      When they click on the button, I want it to add that listing to the dynamic field box so it will look something like this


      *User clicks on Rd button and "ROAD" pops up in the dynamic text box - User then clicks the "Ln" buttons, and then the dynamic text box changes to "ROAD/LANE"


      User decides they don't want to use road, so they click on "Rd" button again, and the dynamic box reads "LANE" - user then wants to add "st" so they click on the corresponding button and now the text field reads "LANE//ROAD"



      Make sense??  Disregard the use of the words, but I'm looking for help on the general concept.


      Thank you!