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    Arrange a previous "fantastic" menu script to "buddy menu"

    Jhon Carlo Level 1

      Arrange the previous menu script to "buddy" menu
      Hallo for all and expecially for Sean.


      I'm here again (... and I hope Sean will not to be too sorry about this ... like this ).
      I'd like to know if it is possible to arrange the script that Sean have posted before (Look a previous discussion "member ("x"). script text ..."

      to used it in a "buddy menu" (if it is not too difficult).


      I have a button from wich I'd like to start the menu with the same list that Sean resolve before for me in a way so wonderfull. I use this script sometime form a "bar menu" and sometime I need to start from a button.
      It is possible?

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          You already had code to create a list of sound member names from a particular cast library, and a #movie handler to load a named sound. A quick read of the Buddy Menu documentation should have shown you how to set up a menu, so it's disappointing that you don't seem to have attempted this for yourself.

          property myMenuList
          on beginSprite me
            myMenuList = []
            nMembers = castLib("sound").member.count
            repeat with mm = 1 to nMembers
              if member(mm, "sound").type = #sound then myMenuList.append(member(mm, "sound").name)
            end repeat
          on mouseUp me
            sSelected = bmMenu(myMenuList, 0)
            if (sSelected <> EMPTY) then mLoadSound(sSelected)
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            Jhon Carlo Level 1

            Thank you Sean,
            Your help is very precious for me.
            Maybe you forget that I'm a begginers, I've alredy use the "buddy menu" and of course

            I tried to arrange by myself your script with  the behavior for the "buddy menu", but with no positive result. I'm sorry for this.
            Thank you again.