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    Visible list won't print

    UbuntuPenguin Level 4

      I have a list that is inside of a BorderContainer.  When I go to print the BorderContainer , the only thing that shows up is the black border , the interior where the list should be is empty.  At first I thought it had something to do with the list not being visible.  But even when the BorderContainer is in the dead center of my screen , the child-list does not print.


      Does anyone know how to make the list inside the BorderContainer appear ?


      Points will be awarded


      P.S the BorderContainer containers are contained in a DataGroup using the DefaultComplexItemRenderer as an itemRenderer.  The setup looks like this




      DefaultComplexItemRenderer-----| (Renderer )


         BorderContainer-----| (Regular UIComponent )


          List (Won't show up when printing the parent container of the datagroup) .