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    Reading Excel file from another site

    WebolutionDesigns Level 1

      I have a client who wants to put information on their site that is on a third party site (we have permission). Ideally, I would love to use RSS, but this site does not have that option. There are two methods the info is available...1) within a table on the page and 2) within an excel file via a link on the page.


      I looked at using cfhttp to screen scrape, but do not want my code to break if they redesign their page. So I thought if I could somehow pull the Excel file and then read it, that would be perfect. I have read info from Excel files before, so I have no problems there (I hope), but where I need assistance is pulling the file from the site. I was thinking that if I could use some sort of combination of cffile and cfschedule to pull it and put it on my server, that would be ideal. Has anyone ever done anything like this before?


      Thoughts? I am open to alternatives too.