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    One forum for all versions and OSs


      Sorry if I ask, but who's the genius that decided one forum would be a good idea to serve the needs of multiple versions of the same software on two different OS?


      There should be at least some kind of filtering available. Do you guys care so little about your customers?

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          JoeDaSilva Level 4

          Are you having a problem getting a question answered? I don't see the point in segregating a forum that isn't posted to very frequently. Besides, most of the users that do the heavy lifting on the answer side having been using the software for years and can answer questions on any version in use. I use the OSX version at work and the PC version at home and the differences are miniscule at best.

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            Ehm... no.


            What you said is just plain wrong, very wrong, completely wrong. Every version of FW has quirks that are very specific and finding answers in this forum is painful and laborious.


            I won't even go into all the reasons why, but this answer doesn't make any sense, it's just a proxy for "we don't give a damn about customers" and that is probably the real answer.

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              Jim_Babbage Level 4

              Chill out. This is a user to user forum, not Adobe tech support. The huge majority of people responding on this and other forums do not work for Adobe. None of the other forums gave version/OS specific sections , either

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                BlueDxx Level 1

                My comment stands for all the other forums too. I paid a LOT of money for the privilege of getting mad at a craptastic piece of software, it's not like they're giving it away for free.

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                  pixlor Level 4

                  There are a number of issues that are cross-edition, such as "how do I make a slice?" and "how do I edit a gradient?" I'm sure the same holds true for questions on the other applications.


                  Having one forum for a software package makes it more likely that the active volunteers for that program read all the new questions, making it more likely for questions to be answered. Very few go unanswered.


                  It's too bad that you don't like your software, but the other users here didn't create it. We just try to help people use it. There's no point getting mad in our direction!