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    Created a logo in CS3 & can't convert it for other uses



      I created some logos for a small business to choose from.  He wanted me to take parts from two of them and make a new logo - and, oh yeah... "can you add lightning to it too??"  :-)   I did what he asked, but since I thought it looked a bit wild for a logo, I didn't pay a whole lot of attention while creating it.  I showed it to him (along with an another option I really liked) and he fell in love with the wild and crazy lightning logo.  I gave him a copy for his invoices, business cards, etc and have been working on the website.  Well... he really likes the logo and he now wants T-shirts printed and he wants to get his truck "wrapped" with it too.  My problem is...  I made the logo in Fireworks CS3 and added the lightning with Alien Skin Xenofex 2 - Electrify.  It is currently in .png format at 300 DPI.  The layer with the lightning (and "HID") however, was converted into a .bmp when I applied the electrify filter.  The printing companies all want the image in .psd, .ai or .pdf format.  When I convert it to .psd, I lose the Fireworks specific filters that were applied on "Get" and "Lights" and when I enlarge it, the layer with the lightning gets pixelated because I am trying to enlarge a .bmp.


      I foolishly didn't write down the settings I used on the lightning filter so when I try to reproduce it, I can't even come close.  There is a 4 digit random seed generator that throws everything off.  I know I should have been more careful when creating the logo, but does anyone have any idea how I can come up with a printable, enlargeable version of my logo?  I did convert it to a .pdf file, but I suspect that it is still going to have the pixelation problems when it is enlarged.  Any ideas?





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          JoeDaSilva Level 4

          I'd get honest with the guy real quick. You created his logo with the intention of using it for low-reolution screen applications, not print. There is nothing you can do short of re-creating that mess in Illustrator. Hopefully you've learned an important lesson about logo design, and business ;-)

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            azwebdevs Level 1

            I kinda figured I was stuck... but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask.Thanks for taking the time to answer!


            By the way, honesty isn't an issue here.  I warned him in the beginning that choosing that logo was going to result in printing problems in the future.  Sometimes trying too hard to please a client gets you in as much trouble as not trying hard enough!  I've been doing this way too many years to make a "rookie" error like this, but I guess I just got a little cocky thinking I knew what was best.  I properly created the logo I thought he would choose and stupidly made a piece of artwork to illustrate why the lightning logo wouldnt work.  I really do know better than to show a client a piece of work that I am not prepared for him to choose - I just got stupid for a bit.  I am definitely paying the price now though!


            The client is a really, really nice guy though.  It's fun to work with someone who is so excited about his new business.  I will make this work for him because that is the way I am.  I would never tell a client - I told you this would be a problem - and leave him holding the bag.  I should have never shown him that logo in that condition, so it's my mess and I have to clean it up.  I'm certainly going to lose money on this job, but outside of this logo mess, at least it's a fun job!


            Thanks again,