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    AE CS5: Audio Randomly Out of Sync in RAM Preview and Rendered Output

    mattstein Level 1

      I'm relatively new to After Effects, and a day-old user of CS5. My RAM previews and rendered outputs are having similar (buggy?) behavior: RAM previews with audio sometimes work fine, playing audio + video or audio only as expected. Other times, the preview "forward from here" plays sound, but from the beginning of the timeline. If I repeatedly choose to play "forward from here", sometimes (after 3-5 tries) it'll start playing from the correct position, and sometimes I'll have to move the playhead around for a few minutes before it'll work.


      Rendering the composition in the Render Queue produces a movie that plays fine for the first 10 or so seconds, then the audio track skips all over the place while the video plays just fine.


      The piece is about five minutes long, and only involves an audio track and still images and some vector assets.


      Attempted audio sources (used in composition):

      - mp3, 160kb/sec, 32 bit stereo, 44.1kHz

      - aif, 16 bit stereo, 44.1kHz

      - aif, 16 bit stereo, 48kHz


      Attempted output (renders):

      - 1080x960, square pixels, 30fps

      - full-res .mov, Animation + uncompressed audio (re-saved via Quicktime to H.264 to test playback)

      - full-res H.264 .mp4 (using preset)



      - iMac (Intel dual-core) / Snow Leopard / 4GB memory / slowish 7200rpm hard drive that'll be replaced tomorrow

      - MacBook Pro 15" / Snow Leopard / 4GB memory / stock hard drive


      Everything happens consistently on both machines, which leads me to believe it's either user error or a bug -- but not necessarily hardware specific. If there's any more information I can add, please let me know!