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      I've been working with an older version of Director and would like very much to learn Flash. I'm feeling very much like a fish out of water. In Director, manipulating script was a simple as right-clicking on a cast member or accessing the menu. How is it done in Flash MX 2004 (is it done in MX)?

      Can anyone recomend a good comprehensive source I can probably pick up at B&N? There's too much I have to learn - I'd wind up wasting a good deal of time in these forums.

      Thanks in advance!

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          SymTsb Level 2
          Picking up any of Colin Moock's http://www.moock.org books would be a good start especially as a reference to Actionscript. Read the AS - Getting Started in the Flash help. It will tell you how to code etc. It is significantly different than director but with a little reading you should be able to get right out and do what you need. You may find though that you're still going to want to do things with Director simply because Flash (at least MX 04) is unable to meet your project needs. It simply depends on what you were doing with Director and where you want to end up with Flash.