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    Help with memory leak/profiler

    reflexactions Level 1

      I am trying to track down a leak that just started, not sure what I did but now every TitleWindow leaks.

      The profiler in FB wil show 20 references to each TitleWindow, they are all a simialr pattern and refer to different style initialisations, see following example



      Instance                                               Property    
      Array                                                    [5]
      _WJ_mx_managers_SystemManager     forms
      Object                                                  fbs


      The allocation trace for the Object will then show something that leads back to a style init i.e.


      Any clue as to what is wrong and where to start looking.


      This is a long standing app, its uses FB4 SDK3.2, it not had a problem until the last two days though I can't identify anything in particular that would be relevant that may have changed.