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    Graphic Symbol From CS5 Template Changes Stroke Size when used

    Tristan559 Level 1

      I have tried to figure this out for a few days now, and I can not seem to understand what is going on. I should preface this with the fact that I am new to Fireworks.


      I created a new document using the Restaurant.png template that comes with Fireworks CS5. I noticed something strange with the behavior of the Image Placeholder graphic symbol.


      If you place down an Image Placeholder graphic symbol from that template, you'll see a blue rectangle with a grey stroke of 10 pixels in size. Yet if you go to edit this symbol, you will notice that the rectangle only has a stroke of 1 pixel in size.


      There are four graphic elements that make up this graphic symbol. One of them doesn't seem to be used at all - the Rectangle2 element. If you delete it, however, the Image Placeholder instances will now have a stroke of 1 pixel instead of 10 pixels.


      To see this yourself, create a new document from a template, and then under the wireframes folder, select Restaurant.png. Then, look under the Document Library panel/window to find the Image Placeholder symbol to place/edit it to see this behavior. (It might be easier to copy it and paste the Image Placeholder symbol to a new document so there is less clutter).


      Could someone please explain what exactly is causing the stroke size to change when the symbol is placed on the canvas?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.