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    Adding recordings after the fact

      Recording works just fine. But even with a high end mic and pre-amp prior to going to a Dell desktop PC, the noise (due to the Dell we are sure) is terrible! We have a way to do 'studio quality recordings' but then how can you get these in/matching things up. I was thinking that maybe one could run the demo in the studio on a quiet laptop, speak into the studio system to get the timing right, and then somehow bring those in. Is this a reasonable way to go? Better suggestions? Many thanks.
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          Hi GCSHEPH and welcome to our community

          Indeed this would be one approach to take. Basically, you can record with whatever you like. All you need is a resulting .MP3 or .WAV file. (The .WAV must be PCM encoded) You would then insert the audio clips into Captivate. This could occur in a variety of ways. One way would be to select the slide where you want the audio, then press F6 (or click Audio > Import...) and bring the clips in.

          Hopefully this helps... Rick