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    KT_getFullUri & Form Action with Friendly URLs (does not post)


      Hello All,


      Please can anyone help with this little issue i have with submitting forms using friendly URL's and non friendly URL's.


      I have a form created by ADDT that will not post any info unless it uses "<?php echo KT_escapeAttribute(KT_getFullUri()); ?>" in the action.


      IF NOT using the above parameter. It will however look like it has posted the form info and pass you to the correct page if you amend the form action to another parameter but not submit the form data to the database.


      USING IT when submitting: the KT_getFullUri returns the full Friendly URL and submits as "dev.gbnetworks.co.uk/event/seotest/payment.php?EventID=552&BookedEventID=420"


      When I simply need it to direct to: "dev.gbnetworks.co.uk/events/payment.php?EventID=$1&BookedEventID=$2"


      I have amended the KT_getFullUri to KT_getServerName but again does not work to post the data to the database.



      E.g. the URL& parameter as you need as you would with any other form post.


      I have used the PHP_SELF function which does submit the form but does not redirect to the right URL for payment & confirmation processing.


      <form target="_top" action="<?php echo KT_escapeAttribute(KT_getFullUri()); ?>" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" name="form1" id="form1">


      "You can view the development page at (dev.gbnetworks.co.uk/event/seotest/) which is the friendly URL


      or the non friendly URL at dev.gbnetworks.co.uk/events/bookevent.php?EventID=552&event=seotest&city=leeds (also does not work to post the form unless using "<?php echo KT_escapeAttribute(KT_getFullUri()); ?>" of PHP_SELF.). Which is fine as this is what should happen.


      I have also tried "<?php echo 'http://'. $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']; ?>/events/payment.php?EventID=<?php echo $row_rsEvent['id_Event']; ?>" in the form action but still the same result.