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    New Plugin requested!  (Please)

    DramaticFoto Level 1

      I’m not sure  if the LR3 SDK makes this possible, but what the world really needs is  intelligent auto-application of presets, based on ISO, focal length,  Aperture, exposure (And of course camera & lens)


      The current LR3 system only allows automation  variance by Camera & ISO (on import), but of course the adjustments you need to  do also vary by lens (eg some require more sharpening than others), by  exposure duration (eg long exposures require more noise reduction),  etc...



      So, we need a plugin to allow the user to setup rules  for ranges of ISO, focal length, Aperture, exposure and apply a specific preset!


      For example, the user would set up a logic tree once  like this:  (some ranges could be optional)


      If Camera = 5DmkII

            If Lens = Canon 24-105

                   if ISO  Range 100-400

                        if  Aperture range 4 - 5.6

                              if Exposure >1 second

                     Focal length 24-28mm

                          Apply  preset ‘A’       

                     Focal length 29-105mm

                         Apply preset  ‘B’   

                                if Exposure <1 second

                     Focal length 24-28mm

                           Apply preset  ‘C’   

                      Focal length 29-105mm

                           Apply preset ‘D’    


         if  Aperture range  5.7-22

                               if Exposure  > 1 second

                    Focal  length 24-28mm

                         Apply preset ‘E’ 

                    Focal length 29-105mm

                         Apply preset  ‘F’       


        (Numbers are an example only – user  should be able to set up their own ranges and applied presets)



      preset ‘A’               (Lens  corrections, high vignetting,  high sharpening, Medium low  noise reduction)

      preset ‘B’                (Low  vignetting, high sharpening, Medium low noise reduction)

      preset ‘C’               (Lens corrections, high  vignetting, medium-high sharpening, low noise reduction)

      preset ‘D’                (Low vignetting, medium  sharpening, low noise reduction)

      preset ‘E’                (Lens corrections, medium vignetting, medium high sharpening,  medium low noise reduction)

      preset ‘F’               (Low vignetting, medium-low sharpening, low noise reduction)



      This logic  could be either applied to a user selection of  images or to all at import


      This would automate 80% of my daily workflow...


      Any takers – I’m sure people would pay  for this!!!






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          areohbee Level 6

          Hi Mike,


          It is possible to read most info about a photo and to programmatically set presets. So, I think the answer to part 1 of your question is: "Yes - quite doable".


          Personally, I'm not sure how quickly I would get to this, since I'm in the middle of other plugins at the moment.


          A lot of this you can already accomplish by creating smart collections, and selecting the collection that would choose the ones you want, along with the folder you want to target, then apply the desired preset(s).


          I realize this does not achieve the level of automation you desire, but it might get you by until your desired plugin comes to light(room).


          In fact, even if the plugin were to automate it, I could still imagine the built-in collection mechanism providing the logic for photo selection, making the implementation much simpler, i.e. just apply specified presets to specified collections and thats it - you make the collections.


          Hmmm... what do'ya think?



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            DramaticFoto Level 1

            Thanks Rob.


            1. Great News this is possible in the SDK


            2. Good idea about the smart collections - I'll create a bunch for this, called something similar to the associated preset - Eg. click on Collection 'A', select all images, click on preset ' A', then repeat for 'B', 'C', 'D', etc.  So as you say, not automated, but not too bad either.


            3. Looking forward to you (or others) having time one-day to make a great plugin!