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    How to work with scenes, "gotoandplay" & movieclips?

    mr. paperbox Level 1

      I've got a big problem when I'm working with movieclips, scenes & "gotoandplay"-command.
      Problem is, that I've a game, where you can move movieclip (player) with keys, so all those "gotoandplay-commands" must be within movieclips. So, I have tried to use "_root.gotoandplay();"-command, but when the second scene is playing, and that code is being used, the whole thing skips to scene 1 (main, the first one...), and starts to play from there...
      So, I suppose, that that "_root", isn't the right thing to be in there, but what code would work?

      This is my schoolwork, so I'd need quick answers... Thanks.
      Btw. Sorry my bad English