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      Recently I received errors on both Windows Vista and XP when scripting InDesign CS4 for Windows using VB.NET.

      The error reads RPC_E_DISCONNECTED; it seems connection with InDesign CS4 is lost, although the program is still active and in a normal state.

      What could be done about this, is there a way to set a time-out for RPC communcation ? Can I do anything in the .NET program to do so ?

      By the way, the same program runs fine with InDesing CS3.


      Any suggestions welcome !

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          Hi Roelof,


          Had a quick Google, and found this tangentially related info:




          The key phrase that caught my eye was:


          "This error usually occurs when one of the following conditions is met:


          • No network communication is possible between the client and server computer for six minutes or more.

          I am guessing that means that if you don't communicate between client and server every six minutes or more, things might drop off.
          What I'd try is to make the connection more chatty - e.g. divide the task into smaller subtasks and have the client instruct the server to start off each subtask.
          Something like
          function bigTask() {
          gets converted to
          function brokenUpBigTask(int phase) {
          switch (phase) {
            case 0: do a bit
            case 1: do a bit more
          and then the client uses a loop
          for phase = 0 to whatever
            call brokenUpBigTash(phase)
          Rough idea, might be worthless. Breaking up a big task into smaller ones is not always easy, but if there are loops involved, it should be fairly easy - you do the loops bit by bit...
          Hope that leads to something...
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            RoelofJanssen2 Level 1

            Thanks Kris, but this error occurrs much quicker than in 6 minutes, its more like 6 seconds !

            On different machines it happens in different script steps.

            So I am wondering where/how I could set the RPC timeout value which is obviously too short now....