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    Movie Clip Buttons


      I have a problem with a movie clip button. I don't understand where I've gone wrong, so some pointers would be nice, if you have the time, please!

      Here's what I have:

      I have Scene 1, with a few layers and a few tweens, etc. On the final frame I have placed a stop(); command on an actions layer. At this frame, I have three movie clips that I want to be buttons. So, for example, one of them is labeled buttom_music.

      Inside buttom_music I have three keyframes, one is named (via a labels layer) _up, two is named _over, and three is named _down.

      Also on the first frame of button_music, I have a stop(); command placed on an actions layer.

      Now, at this point, as you would guess, Flash still doesn't know button_music should be treated like a button, since it has no actions applied to it.

      At the final frame where my movie clips are, on the actions layer on the main timeline (Scene 1), I have placed the following code:

      this.button_music.onRollOver = function() {

      Above this, is the already placed code stop(); to simply tell it to not go back to frame 1.

      As far as I'm aware, Flash should now treat these movie clips as buttons, but when I preview everything, the movie clips don't seem to do this. No hand cursor appears or anything.

      Does anybody know where I'm going wrong? Am I missing something out?

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          TMT2 Level 1
          Turns out I was doing nothing wrong at all.

          I thought I'd try re-creating the buttons again just to see if it worked, and strangely enough, it did! The mad thing is, I re-created them exactly the same, using all the same code, etc.

          Must be a bug in Flash 8?

          Thanks anyway,