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    Latest datavisualization.swc?

    pcolby78 Level 1
      Hi everyone,

      I have contributed a number of Flex 3 bug reports in bugs.adobe.com, and have watched as they've been fixed :) So naturally, I'd love to be using these fixes to develop against. The nightly-builds of the SDK seem like the best place to get those fixes, however, most of the bugs that are affecting me are in the AdvancedDataGrid classes, which are not included in the nightly-build SDK (I know, for licensing reasons).

      So, is there some way I can get an updated datavisualization.swc file (assuming that's the one that includes the AdvancdedDataGrid control). Obviously I will be able to get it when Flex Builder 3 Beta 2 is released (whennever that is), but its a little frustrating to be seeing so many of my bugs marked as "fixed in Beta 2", but still have to work around them.

      Can we get the "nightly builds" to somehow include the data visualization components?


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          mike_morearty Level 1
          Hi Paul,

          That's an interesting idea. I will forward your request to Flex management to see if it's possible to do anything. I doubt it will be possible, but you never know.
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            matt_chotin Level 3

            Unfortunately we don't have the same infrastructure set up to support nightly builds of the datavisualization.swc. It's something we may be able to consider for the future, but currently we need to keep it with Flex Builder.

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              pcolby78 Level 1
              Thanks Matt.

              So you cannot currently provide nightly builds of datavisualization.swc, but is there any way we can get just a one-off build? Surely one of your Adobe guys can just give us a "sneak-peek" copy of datavisualization.swc from one of your internal builds? ... it would be much better than the old M2 version we have to use at the moment ;)


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                I have the same need.
                I am working on a flex app using the charting component and i use the flex 3 sdk.
                I must update the SDK to Moxie M3 in order to correct have a bug fixed on Datagrid (SDK-11105).
                Once installed, i have the issue with the data visualization component referenced FLEXDMV-1086....
                And i yhink the only choice is to go back to the flex3 sdk beta 1...

                So, in this case too, a one shot build of the datavisualization.swc would be very helpful.

                Best Regards,

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                  Sjoerd_ Level 1

                  I have also the same needs, im working with the advanced datagrid and reported several bugs but i cant test and response if it still exists in a new build.

                  I have a licence for Flex 2 + charting

                  Best Regards,

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                    dnii Level 1
                    Same here. I am working on a flex app using the AdvancedDataGrid control and would like to take advantage of the bug fixes to move my app along.

                    I also have a license for FB 2 and Charting.

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                      pcolby78 Level 1
                      Hi guys,

                      Flex Builder 3 Beta 2 (released last week) has fixed a huge number of these issues for me! :)

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                        Sjoerd_ Level 1

                        Originally posted by: pcolby78
                        Hi guys,
                        Flex Builder 3 Beta 2 (released last week) has fixed a huge number of these issues for me! :)

                        Heh Paul, that came out 11-01-2007.
                        We all need fixes to that version :)
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                          So, this sucks a lot. I'm stuck with development after deciding on purchasing data visualization? I've even convinced my boss that it's worth it and will save a lot of time so we can start selling the finished software earlier and now I'm feeling stupid. I've even posted some of the errors on bugs.adobe and they are already resolved, so what now? We don't need nightly builds, a weekly one would be nice, but this way, it renders the whole idea of putting flexdmv on bugs.adobe stupid.