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    Help with Music Video App.. Filtering data lists and “Next Video” button function


      I have two lists.. I need help filtering one list  when an "Artist" is selected in the other..


      I also want to play the next video when the "Next Video" button is  selected..


      Here is a link to an example with a few videos.. http://www.yourtimeisborrowed.com/bin-release/gg.html


      View source is enabled so feel free to grab the code..


      I will be adding a full tutorial section on how to build this app  step by step using Flash Catalyst and Flash BUilder.. Thats what I'm  working on now but really would love some help on this filtering issue  as it's out of my league..


      Anyhow, I'm not just taking, I plan on giving back in a major way..


      So if the "evangalists" aren't too busy with their datagrids I'd  appreciate some help showing the true power and ease of use that the  Adobe Framework is capable of..