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    How to stop FP_AX_CAB_INSTALLER.exe from being downloaded


      How can I get the Flash Player 10.1 installer to stop being downloaded whenever I use AOL as my browser?


      I have:

      Vista Home Premium v.6 SP 2 (32 bit)
      IE 8
      Aol 9.0 VR
      Safari 5.0
      Flash Player 10,1,53,64 installed


      Both Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX and Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin show up in Control Panel\Programs and Features.

      Internet Properties Security set to Medium-high.

      No ant-virus installed at the moment (Norton anti-virus just expired, will renew).


      The problem:


      When I use AOL, I get a popup that I need to "Install Adobe Flash Player 10." This popup occurs upon starting AOL. The associated process is FP_AX_CAB_INSTALLER.exe, which is in
      C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\CONFLICT.8\  (or CONFLICT.xxx)


      How can I get this program to stop being downloaded? When I delete it using the command prompt, it comes back as soon as I start AOL. ! When I click on the popup to install Flash 10 I get the  message "Installation complete." But when I start AOL again, the popup reappears, and FP_AX_CAB_INSTALLER.exe is downloaded again!


      In short, everytime I use AOL a new CONFLICT.xxx folder is created. These are unneccesary folders.


      Flash Player does work properly in AOL when I view videos.

      When I start IE or Safari I do not get the message that I need to install Flash Player 10.1 and Flash Player works fine when I view videos.


      What I have tried (running as an administrator):


      (1) Set Global Settings to not notify me when an update is available.  I deselected the "Notify Me When an Update Is Available" option in the "Global Notifications Settings" panel.

      In AOL I still get the popup to install Flash 10. The installer file keeps on being downloaded.

      (2) Created an mms.cfg UTF-8 file with


      I put the file in the correct Windows folder. This is C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash.
      In AOL I still keep on getting the installer file!

      I have read the "The Flash Player 10.1 Admin Guide" about the mms.cfg file.

      (3) I have tried installing various versions of the Flash 10 executable that I have found (in addition to the downloaded one):

      The problem does not go away no matter which file I use for the installation.

      Note: C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash has
         and a folder called FlashPlayerTrust.