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    separations preview knockout feature, how to turn off or turn on?


      Hello All


      I am having problems with the Separations Preview feature in Illustrator. On this layout, I am printing two colours; white and black. For the white, I made a spot colour swatch (20% Cyan) and Black, I used process Black. The trouble for me is when I print out the white, there are knocked out shapes of the ink above it. I do not want this. I want the black to print directly on white. Please see the links for a clearer idea of what I am explaining.


      There are some parts that are knocked out and there are some that aren't. How do I make it so that the ink on the bottom does not become knocked out?


      Original Artwork



      After separations preview and I remove the black colour


      sep preview_PBB.png



      Again with another layout,




      After I "invisible" the other colours in separations preview:


      sep preview_PBB_1.png



      Please help and thanks in advance.



      - Jason