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    Dynamic Image display using CFM page

    bstenberg Level 1
      I have a coldfusion page where you can pass it an ID number and it will pull the image data from the database and display it to the browser. This works fine in HTML pages. The issue is that I am working on a flex app, and when I try to use this CFM page as the image url I am getting mixed results.

      It appears that I am running i.e. 7 and flash player 9.0.60 (which I'm assuming is a current beta version)... By other p.c.'s are running i.e. 6 or 7 and flash player 9.0.47 i believe.

      The first system running player 9.0.60 will display the image while the others will not.

      I am assuming this might be an issue that has recently gotten corrected in the beta version of the player.... My question is, what can I do for now that would allow me to pull the dynamic image data from the database and display it... Other then the obvious of just writing each image onto the hard disk and reading the file directly.

      Thanks in advance.