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    CS5 bitmap tools issue


      Hi, I am having a problem with the bitmap tools. If any of them is selected, when moving the mouse around the file it looks as if it was in a slow-frame rate, very "choppy".


      I've search the forums and it's an issue brought before, but it concerned people working with Vista, and the solution was to disable Aero... the thing is that I'm running Snow Leopard. 


      I have updated Java as somebody else suggested, but didn't work either.


      The only workaround I found was to disable the brush-size painting cursors in Preferences... but it's quite annoying to go around guessing the size of the brush to be used, and I'm quite new to the program and the trade.


      Well, that's pretty much it, I would really appreciate if anybody can help me with this..



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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          I'm having the same problem. You can set up the brush size by increasing or decreasing the pixel width of the stroke in the Properties panel.

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            Jim_Babbage Level 4

            Aaron Beall has a set of Brush commands which let you adjust brush sizes in 1 and 10 pixel inc




            Matt Stow also has an extension for this type of thing:



            Scroll WAY down on that page to find it. Look for

            Brush and Stroke Commands v1.4 - UPDATE

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              mpir Level 1

              Hello, thank you both for replying to my message, sorry it took a week to come back.


              I have tried both extensions suggested, but they don't seem to work the way I hoped.


              When disabling the brush-size painting cursor in Preferences what gets lost is the ability to "visualize" the area that the brush is going to cover.

              I know that you can change the size from the property panel (like Linda said) or through one of the extensions suggested, but the brush-cursor stays the same size and that's where am not comfortable at guessing the area am working on with only the property panel or extensions shortcuts.


              I am learning to prototype the pages for presentations in FW, but was hoping to be able to do the whole image editing too, but for now I guess I'll stay in Photoshop and only do the prototyping here.


              Again, thank you both for answering and if you see I'm missing something I'll appreciate if you can correct me.


              Regards, Mario

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                Linda Nicholls Level 4

                It's a bug, Mario. I don't know any workaround for it except for setting the brush size in pixels in the Properties panel. I'd be willing to bet the Adobe engineers are working on a fix for the problem already.