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    how to disable TAB to move from hotspot to hotspot

    nik c Level 1

      I am wondering if it is possible to disable the feature that allows users to jump from button to button using the TAB key on the keyboard. I am displaying different sections of a DVD by using differnt swf.s on different layers and even though I can prevent the buttons from being active (by placing a large button objetc between the active layer and the layers underneath, this does not prevent the TAB from outlining these buttons when it is clicked (and then they are also active!

      I am thinking of either switching this off completely, or making it inactive for the invisible layers.

      Thank you so much,

      Nik C
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          Rothrock Level 5
          You will need set a tabIndex and tabEnabled for something that has that property. (You don't need to set it for everything however.)

          Also I'm guessing that if you are having buttons on lower layers activated that you haven't made them invisible or that you haven't set their enabled property to false. Both are better approaches than setting the crazy large invisible button. (Which I do still use from time to time, but only for very specific purposes!)
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            nik c Level 1
            Thanks, I have never had to set this property - can I set this in the properties TAB of the buttons, or is it better to do it in actionscript?

            No I haven't set their visibility or their enabled property.

            I am thinking of maybe writing a script like: 'switch off the the tab enabled for all but the currently visible (topmost) layer. Do you think this is a good approach then?

            I only use this large button as a quick fix really, I rather would have used something else as well, but the project took an unexpected turn at some point, etc, etc.

            Nik C