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    How to prevent arrow keys (up, down, etc) process in textinput/combo box?

      I am writing a flex application with several textinputs and combo boxes to build an order form. I want to use arrow keys (up, down/enter) to navigate between form items instead of pressing tab and shift-tab. I ran into a problem that when the focus is in combo box. The application will select next item inside combo box when i press "down" instead of setting focus to next form item. I tried to add listener to KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN event and use preventDefault() but it doesn't work at all... I can prevent character input int textinput event by preventDefault, but the keyboard event one can't be block:

      public class orderTextInput extends TextInput
      public function orderTextInput(){
      addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, changeHandler);
      addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, kDownHandler, true);

      private function changeHandler(evt:Event):void{

      private function kDownHandler(evt:KeyboardEvent):void{

      please help... i am stucked in this for 3 days. Thanks a lot~