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    Reconfiguring CF Connector

      We have CF 7 running in distributed mode (IIS as Web server on one PC and the CF App server w/ JRun on another PC) and everything is working fine. However, in this mode (by design) the image files (Gifs, Jpegs, etc.) that are referenced by pages are served by the IIS server. We have a graphics application that we're hosting in this environment where users upload pictures for others to view/download. The problem is that the uploaded files are transferred over the Jrun connector that binds the IIS Web server to ColdFusion, placing the files on the CF Server PC, not the IIS server. We can't move the files back to the Web server as it is on a separate network segment (DMZ) where FTP transfers are prohibited. Is there a way to modify the CF/Jrun connector so that requests received by IIS for image files are served by the CF app server PC? I know that this bypasses one of the intentions of distributed mode where HTML and image file requests are processed directly by the Web server for speed and load management, but that isn't an issue in our case; we're using distributed strictly to satisfy an IT security requirement.