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    Armature/Inverse Kinematics Arrow Key Movement Bug?


      Is anyone else having an issue moving an armature or even part of an armature and Flash manages to misplace certain parts?


      For example, let's say you have a single armature of a character with a torso that has an articulated arm.  When moving the armature in any given direction using the selection, subselection, or transform tool with arrow keys, the torso and arms will move at different rates.  IE The torso will be shifted 20 pixels, the hand at the end of the arms moves 25 pixels, creating a 5 pixel gap or error.


      The most annoying part of this issue is that a change on the position of one armature pose/frame will shift an object in a different pose/frame. So if one tries to manually adjust the position for each pose, the first poses one corrects will move out of place.  It is very frustrating.


      I've seen an old post that someone made back in CS4 over a year ago that had a very similar issue, but it had no response.  I'm using CS5 on Windows 7.