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      I own Adobe Premier CS5, Adobe After Effects CS5, Photoshop CS5 and alla the other sub programs but I don't have Adobe Dynamic Link and I cannot transfere sequences and footages from Premier to After Effects and vice versa. So I want to buy just Adobe dynamic Link and not the whole package of Adobe Creative suit Premium in whidh is included. Is it possible to buy it ceparetaly?


      Thank you!!


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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Dynamic Link with After Effects is only available in the Production Premium and Master Collection packages.


          You have the individual programs, but not the suite? Buying those programs individually costs far, far more than buying the suite. Why would you buy the programs individually?

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            I just came across this old message and felt I had to reply, even if no-one sees it.


            Todd - what you may not appreciate is that many Adobe users are freelancers or small companies.  The percentage of our revenue that we spend on your products is dramatically higher than that spent by big companies.  Many of us cannot afford to buy the major suites outright, so even if the eventual cost is higher, we are forced to purchase individual products as and when we need them.  So you gain even more revenue proportionately from small companies.


            I now have all the elements I need to produce photos, video and DVD, but cannot effectively use AE because I have to buy Illustrator and Flash.  That makes no sense.  Since I have already paid more than the cost of the suite, by your own admission, I should be able to have a free or very low cost upgrade.  But there is no upgrade path for people like me.  So you effectively discriminate against small businesses.