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    rendering a a smaller area than the whole project does not work


      I have recently installed PE 8 and converted from the original PE3 version a project that is about 1hour 40min. I want to burn it to DVD, and added a few finishing touches.  Everything was fine except that the whole project had a redline, so I decided to render the project, (I couldn't view much if anything).which I did, and it took over two days getting slower and slower!  (35 video previews and 123715 frames) OK, it eventually finished so I saved the project.  Viewing was much better, if not perfect, but watchable.  Then, to regain disk space I deleted the render files. Imagine my surprise when as soon as I did that the redline came back, along with intolerable viewing in edit mode!!  The impression I had from PE8 help is that you could delete the render files after rendering, as their purpose had been finshed. I cant wait for another 2 days, so to sped up rendering I thought I would do it in small chunks, say 5 minutes each.  But even if I change the workspace area as defined by the grey bar, ( grabbing the end and dragging it to a much smaller size - toward the beginning of the project for example|) it starts to render the entire project again! what am I doing wrong?