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    How to create buttons for each slide in slideshow

    dstx Level 1

      I currently have a slideshow working with prev and next buttons,

      but would like to add numbered buttons for each slide at bottom of images,

      with a static number for the active slide that has a colored circle around that number.


      I can create static number with colored circle in Photoshop and add that to a layer,

      but it's labor intensive to do that for all numbers.


      Is there a better way to create the highlighted numbers for active slide?


      For numbered buttons that link to non-active slides, I can create numbers in Photoshop and import images into Flash,

      then convert to symbols and assign actions for them,

      But that too is labor intensive to do for all the numbers.


      Is there a better way to create numbered buttons for non-active slides?


      I'd also like to have a hover function on the numbered buttons,

      that changes from plain image of number to number with colored circle like I want to use for active slide.


      How do I assign a hover function to button symbol, that will load another image or symbol?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try to think in terms of having reusable symbols.  Think it thru before you try it.


          Use a movieclip symbol instead of a button.  Have a dynamic textfield in that movieclip for the number, and set the textfield to not be selectable.  Have one frame of this movieclip where it displays as the highlighted (selected) one and have the movieclip go there where you are on that slide.


          Use the textfield for the number--assign it dynamically so that you don't have to import an image for it.  Use as many of these movieclips as you need to for all your buttons.


          Have functions that reset all the buttons at once so that when you move to a new slide, the previously selected one goes back to mormal... follow that with setting the newly selected one to be in its "selected" frame.