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    Simple Invisible Mask Reveal

    thanser Level 1

      I either forgot how to do this or can't find a tutorial just yet, and I'm used to doing this quickly in Flash.


      I want to make a small, rectangular mask shape the uses position key frames to slide across and reveal a layer of static text and solid rectangular color fill.  The text and solid fill background were imported from a PSD file and are on two different layers.


      I started with a rectangular solid black layer, added a mask to this shape, but I'm not able to set this mask to invisible and mask off the two layers (text and color fill) below it.


      Of course, I don't want to mask off every thing else, like the color background (imported from PS.)


      Any suggestions?


      I could go back and re-do teh PSD and just animate the text and color fill layers, but I was trying to do this with a mask.