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    PrE 7: Locking Video 1 and Soundtrack

    Ski and Surf



      I'm relatively new to PrE so this will probably not be my last post here :-)


      I'm making about a 30 min movie that has distinct sections (like a skiing or surfing movie where they have 3 minutes of video set to music, and then they fly off to some other exotic location).  I have built one section by importing the video clips, deleting the original audio, adding an MP3 to the soundtrack, and then trimming the video clips so that the sum length is the same length as the song on the audio track.  Everything looks and sounds great.  However, now I want to create a section prior to this one on the scene/timeline. How do I insert and edit clips without messing up the synchronization of the following section?  Whenever I insert a clip prior to the finished section PrE7 ripples the video but not the soundtrack so that they are no longer in sync.


      Thanks in advance!!!!