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    Why can't I print to scale?


      Adobe reader. It doesn't let you print on the scale you want.

      I'm not talking about that stupid 'print to fit the page' option, which does nothing for most cases. Why can't I print with scale that I want? I'm not asking anyone how I can do it. I've read I can do it through photoshop or changing the printing paper size. Why doesn't the adobe reader have that function at all? It's like the most basic function of a paper reader. IMO, the adobe reader exists so that people can share stuff to 'print'.

      Don't adobe care about the community feedback, or interface? Do they think we're too dumb to figure out scaling so they have to do it for us? What is it? This is probably why Apple is trying to exclude adobe.


      Please reply if you knows why, or if you just want to rant with me.