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    Design Evaluation


      Hi All,

      I need your valuable inputs to my presentation layer design.

      P.L : Flex application Movie

      Middleware : Aspx with C# code behind

      Back end : SQL Server.

      XML-over-HTTP is used to communication among 3 -tiers


      Current working design pattern:


      Shell(Main MXML Movie) with menubar and swfloader control.On Launch menubar is loaded with menus (x , y , z ) and menuitems for menu.On change of

      menuitem move an swfloader instance is created and launched with corresponding menuitem movie.Component and Libraries are shared as runtime between shell and menuitem movie.

      Current developed design:

      1)Shell application i have created as separate Flex project with RSL of Component and Libraries and CSS as movie during creation complete.

      2) "X" application with individual menuitem movie as separate Flex project with RSL of Component and Libraries.


      Guidelines needed:


      1)Is the above design is correct?

      2)Some of my Colleagues adivicing me to use Flex Module Project.Need clarification when to use Flex Module and Flex application project.


      Looking forwared to good design recommendations.