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    Preimere Elements 8 Rendering Problems


      I have a 24 minute project that includes stills, video, and transistions as well as imported audio.


      I am working on an older machine, 1 GB memory, 1.6 ghz cpu, a local hardrive with 53 GB with 25 GB free, and

      my project and all of the imported files are located on a 1 TB external My Book hardrive.


      I had the crash issues, but eventually finished the project.  I began to have lost audio issues, and "low system

      memory" warnings and crashes.


      I used "share" to begin the render process.  1st try was to MPEG, and when it got to about 96% (after 1.5 hours) it

      said system low on memory, and promptly crashed.  It actually exported a file that was watchable in Windows

      Media Player, but was cut short by about 20%.


      After reducing the file size by about 25%, I attempted to render it to a DVD, but got a transcoding error at 93% and

      the burn stopped and the DVD does not work.


      I then tried to do the same, but to a file on the external hardrive.  This failed with the same error at 82%.  I did not

      turn the computer off between tries, but did restart the software.


      I then tried to export as an MPEG the smaller file.  It got to 92% and the low on system memory pop up box , but it continued.

      I went into task manager and turned off iexplorer.exe, my wireless card, and some other .exe files to free up memory.  It never

      went past 93%, but eventually said save complete!, then promptly crashed my computer.  The file lost sound with 2 minutes left

      and the flie stopped with 1 minute lifet, so the rendering was not complete.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'm sorry, cicameron, but your computer is not nearly powerful enough -- nor does it have enough room on its hard drive -- to edit video on it with Premiere Elements.


          If you can tell us more about the model of camcorder your MPEGs are coming from, we may be able to recommend a new computer system for you.


          But, with that system, you are likely to only meet with frustration. Sorry.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I agree with Steve. The lack of HDD space is a great limitation on a couple of fronts.


            I would first clean off as much as is possible, and then look to this ARTICLE for tips on getting your computer, as ready as is possible, for an editing session.


            Then, I would take a look at this ARTICLE for some background on Memory/Resource errors. This is likely where you'll find the reason for your error messages.


            Last, if your external HDD is a USB 2.0, besides it being very slow to edit to/from, you stand a good chance of getting read/write errors, because the program is much faster than the connection, and will get ahead of the USB 2.0 drive, with the requests for data, the writing data to the drive.


            Good luck, but I would consider additional internal HDD's, bumping the RAM up to the max, and keep the prospect of a new CPU (and possibly the MoBo) in the back of my mind.