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    How to get LR SDK 2.0 these days?


      Apologies, I accidentally posted this in one of the other forums here.  Can anyone here help me?


      I only have LR2 (v2.7) and want to  write my own HTML web gallery template.  From the reading I've done,  seems I need the SDK?  Can't seem to find the SDK 2.0, only 3.0  everywhere I look.


      Do I need the older version, or can I use the new 3.0 one?


      The  template I want to write is something like one of the standard ones in  LR2, in fact I think it's the default HTML one, but make some changes to  the format, layout, no grid lines etc so that it integrates better into  my website.


      Any  ideas/suggestions?

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          JW Stephenson Level 4

          Most 2.0 script will end up working in 3.0 with a little tweaking so writing your HTML web gallery template in 2.0 might be the way to go if you don't think you will be upgrading soon; however, after the bugs are out of 3.0 (say version 3.1) I have to think that you will likely be upgrading.  Also, there are some 2.0 functions that adobe is trying to depreciate and other new ones only available in 3.0 which you may like/need to utilize.


          For what it is worth, the SDK is not really software, it is a manual, a function reference folder and sample plug-ins. By writing the plug-ins per the guide and copying the files to the proper directories, the developer is able to integrate these scripts and plug-ins into the software.  It requires a knowledge of lua, or that you acquire that knowledge, but with some effort you can create some basic tasks fairly quickly.


          If you email me at (jw at tami dot com) I would be happy to send you a copy of the 2.0 files. The 3.0 files are of course available at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/photoshoplightroom/.



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            jeevanpiggo Level 1

            Thankyou for the reply.  Another kind forum member has helped me with obtaining the 2.0 kit, but thankyou for the offer.  Much appreciated.