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    Datagrid: Vertical Rows instead of Horizontal Rows

    advanceIT GmbH


      Usually, inside a datagrid there are rows and columns.

      The rows shows ex. one product for each line. Each product has some properties like number, color, weight,...


      What we wanted to do is not to show one product per line, but 1 product per column: --> see the example


      Normal Datagrid:

      Number            Description          Color           Weight   ...

      1                     Product 1             red              10 kg

      2                     Product 2             green           15 kg

      3                     Product 3             blue             5 kg


      What we want is:

      Number           1                   2                     3

      Description      Product 1       Product 2        Product 3

      Color               red                green              blue

      Weight            10 kg             15 kg              5 kg




      Possible to do with standard Flex SDK?

      Did anyone write such a component already with Flex 3 or Flex 4?


      Thanks for any help on that issue.