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    RTMP code for streaming live or recorded Video with Flash Builder 4?

    Macnimation Level 1

      I was using Flex 3.0 and was able to simply create live streaming video by adding the rtmp string to the source field.


      With Flash Builder 4 it seems to be a bit more compicated as I cannot stream my flv files either live or recorded.


      I think the parameters have changed?


      I have an flv file called 1.flv


      in the source field I put: rtmp://servername/vod/media/1 ( this worked in previous flex versions)


      Nothing happens.


      I trawled the help files but nothing is provided.


      I want to  add either a live feed or a recorded feed using Flash builder 4 with .flv files.


      Can some provide the correct syntax I need?