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    HTTP Request Error (but not all time)


      Hi there,


      I have an http service call to my php server. Sometimes it works well, but sometimes it gives error. Error is the following:errorMessage.JPG


      I used network monitor to look inside the response and request. Flash builder invokes my fault handler, but in the response body I can see the data that I want. for the fault and result handlers I used the HttpService events. I do not use CallResponder object, may it be why I am getting this error.

      the request message is the following:



      (here also I have only two string parameters, but network monitor shows twice each of them ??? Also I could not figure out that)


      and the response is:


      as you can see response body includes an xml data that is what I want. but it gives error. and when I test the operation it works fine.


      Any help to figure out the problem? thanks...