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    Feature request for CSNext.

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      If one considers Intel's Westmere-EX to Include More Cores - PCWorld it makes sense to request support for the Westmere-EX.


      One could build a nice machine with 80 cores, of which 40 physical.


      @ Bill Hunt: If you were to build a machine like that and Adobe will support this chip, you will everybody jealous...

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          Level 4

          If he did , and knocked you down to the number 2 slot on the performance chart....I bet you would figure out a way to use 160 cores in no time !!!!


          ( some kind of daisy chained liquid oxygen cooled cpu stack )





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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Well Harm, I am seldom "cutting-edge" any more. Once, I tried to be, but ran out of $ and the desire to be "the first kid on the block." Now, I go for stability as job one, and speed job two. OTOH, this chip might offer both.


            As always, I follow every hardware article that you do, as I always learn something new - whether I can apply that is often another matter.


            Thanks for reporting, 80 cores eh? Sounds interesting. Not sure if Jeremy, Dennis or Todd can comment on anything planned, but if there are any tid-bits that they CAN share, we'd all appreciate those. As I do not think that I can wait for CS6, I need to get my new box going soon. One big limitation for me is that I would then also want a new Sager laptop, so I can work on pieces of a Project on the pool deck, before going up into the darkened "edit suite." Just can't seem to hit that lottery...



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              digitlman Level 1

              In a recent conversation with the head of adobe premiere I asked how many threads they programmed CS5 to handle and he said it was "unlimited" so i would assume that cpu would work just fine right now. I realize Hyperthreading was involved but on his test machine he had 24 threads working just fine in task manager so i assume he is correct. he also said it will dynamically allocate every bit of RAM you can throw at it so 128+GB of ram running every app at once all dynamically linked with as many cores as you want is not out of the question.