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    Multiple Tweens on the same Layer?

    John Stanowski Level 2

      Is it okay to have more than one new-style tween on the same layer?

      I seem to remember reading that you shouldn't do it.

      I was mad at Flash CS4 and CS5 because I wasn't able to make the animation work like After Effects, as far as animating something, having it rest, and then animating it again.  I know you can do this already, however, if you add easing you could mess yourself up as the ease gets applied to the entire tween. I wanted to be able to tween something with an ease, then let it rest, then tween it again, again with an ease.


      Tonight I discovered this: Place CTI over last frame of first tween, select object, copy. Go to next "slot" and Insert Blank Keyframe, then Paste in Place the object. Make some more frames. Then after it all make a New Keyframe (content from preceeding keyframe gets copied into it, then add more frames, select them and Make Tween. I now have 2 tweens on the same layer, each with their own easing that can't get stretched out of place.


      However, when I did this I noticed, before making the second tween, that I was not able to just click the object and Make Tween from there. I had to actually make regular frames and convert them. This isn't normal. So, I'm just wondering if I got this to work through some loophole in CS5's code or if this is normal?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          it's ok if your tweens work the way you want and you don't need to edit the first tween.


          but there's no benefit to creating more than 1 tween on one layer and there are drawbacks.  one of the drawbacks is it's difficult to start the next tween when the first finishes.

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            jendehaan Level 4

            It's perfectly fine for new style tweens to have multiple on the same layer (whereas it isn't as ideal with classic style tweens). They all behave independently from each other, so you won't end up with broken tweens and you don't have to worry about editing any of them.


            I'm not too sure I'm following the case where you cannot right-click>Create Motion Tween on the object and only on the frame. Could you outline the steps from scratch where this isn't working?

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              John Stanowski Level 2

              I had outlined every step in my post with the exception of mentioning that there is already 1 tween present.


              I uploaded my .fla if you want to have a look: http://www.johnstanowski.com/clients/2-tweens-1-layer.fla


              But to be clear: typically you can select an object on the stage and right click to create a tween.

              You can also do this with a keyframe on the timeline.


              What happened to me is, after 1 tween was already present, and after I added the blank keyframe and then populated it with a copy of the object, and after I made yet another keyframe and added the object: at this stage I was not able to get a response from right clicking to make a tween from the object or that keyframe. I had to make more frames for the keyframe and then I was finally able to convert that third span of frames into a tween.

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                jendehaan Level 4

                Yes, I had read it but I cannot reproduce the problem so I figured I was missing some step.


                I tried reproducing by doing the following -

                • I copy your first tween span into a new document (copy/paste frames).
                • Following the tween, I F7 to Insert Blank Keyframe.
                • Copy the last frame of your preceding tween span, and paste in place.  [At this point I can right-click the object and create motion tween]
                • F6 on frame 46 to insert a new keyframe there. [Can right-click both objects and Create Motion tween still]


                I also tried using context menu instead of key modifiers and couldn't reproduce.

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                  John Stanowski Level 2

                  I'll have to play with this more. I just tried it again and I'm getting unexpected behavior.


                  Just now I copied the object from the last frame of the first tween, made a Blank Keyframe, pasted it in. When I right clicked the object and chose Motion Tween it seemed to apply but it did not automatically add 10 frames. So that threw me. After I added frames to it turns out a Tween was there. It just didn't evolve the same way as the first tween.

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                    jendehaan Level 4

                    That part is expected. 1 second of frames are only inserted when the instance is on the first frame of a layer.

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                      John Stanowski Level 2

                      Thanks. It was a few little things like that that made me think that I shouldn't be putting more than one tween on the same layer.