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    Slowness during AE rendering using file stored on the network



      i work as IT consultant in a design studio.

      This studio has 3 workstation with 2xquad xeon ,16gb ram , 15000 rpm disk, Nvidia tesla card,  fast enough to perform rendering with 3dmax using vray and other stuff.

      They work a lot with watches and boat.

      This spring they started to do presentation with AE cs4 and as other 3dsmax project store all data on a 2x2 xeon 4 gb debian x64 samba server with 2tb raid 1 sata.

      The network is a gigabit and they can transfer to the server 100/120 mb/sec (i can achieve locally on the server 170 mb/sec from the raid).

      The issue is that 3dsmax and other programs works efficiently on the network instead AE is very very slow using project stored on the server.

      I've tried to set up disk caching on local workstation  but there aren't changes, so i've inspected network traffic of AE with Wireshark and i saw that AE continuosly request always the same files (seems doesn't use an algorithm of caching) .

      My conclusion is:

      - our network is fast for transfer but slow with latencies ( for request a file we need 50-500 ms )


      - change topology of the network : switch from gigabit to fiber cabled network (too much money)

      - discover some trick of AE


      I appreciate a lot ur help.


      Ps:sorry for my bad bad bad english.