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    Help with loading image in Air


      Hello there, hope you can help me with this situation.  Getting into FlexSDK/AirSDK development.  I am very familiar with Flex development using Flash Builder 4, however, I would like to get into development using the the two(2) SDK development tools mentioned above especially from an AIR development perspective.  Coming along pretty good, and ran into one problem that driving me nuts: I have an image in a folder called AirSamples/Air/HelloWorld/southwest.jpg.     I tried to bind the image to the image tag by issuing the following:
        <mx:Image source="@Embed('AirSamples/Air/HelloWorld/southwest.jpg')" /> in my mxml file (HelloWorld.mxml). Let assume this is the only component tag in the file.


      When I go to the command prompt and issue the command: amxmlc Helloworld.mxml,  it compiles without an error. When I issue adl HelloWorld-app.mxml   from the command line prompt, it loaded in Flash Player, however,  the graphic symbol came up indicating that a graphic was there, but no graphic. Can you offer any suggestions as to how I can make this work even if I have to use ActionScript.


      Jerry McLeod