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    CS5: Bug when exporting directly from PPro with hardware MPE?

    Colin Brougham Level 6

      For the record, I'm using:

      1. A GTX-480 (unsupported)
      2. The hardware MPE-enabling hack (unsupported)
      3. The latest version of the nVidia drivers (257.whatever)


      I discovered an issue, of sorts, when exporting directly from Premiere CS5, versus using the "Queue" option to send to AME. I was exporting from an NTSC DV Standard sequence to a 320x240 H.264, in which I had enable cropping and trimmed a bit off the sides and top and bottom of the source; the Output tab was summarily set to "Scale to Fit". With hardware MPE enabled in the Project Settings, the export would be the proper final dimensions (320x240), but any area that was cropped off was instead padded with black. The actual video content was then squeezed and malformed into the area not occupied by the black bars.


      I found that, if I disabled hardware MPE or sent the export through AME by use of the Queue button (instead of Export), then the export was performed properly--the video was cropped correctly and then the video stretched to the borders of the exported video, maintaining the desired aspect ratio.


      As I mentioned at the outset, I'm breaking a couple rules and perhaps tempting fate with others, but before I go about rolling back my drivers and the like, has anyone noticed a similar issue?


      ADDENDUM: By the way, the export doesn't need to come from a sequence. If I load up a source clip into the Source Monitor, and export from there using the process outlined above, I get the same issue. This would seem to indicate, to me, that this is due to some incompatibility with my card, its driver and hardware MPE...