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    flashvars not working 100% in opera or IE; ok in ff

    slog70 Level 1

      Hi all,

      I created a flash menu that  highlight the current page button reading a variable coming from HTML.


      I've set a variable in the OBJECT and EMBED tag using the query string syntax, but I get identical results using flashvars.


      This menu is working perfectly in firefox, but it doesn't in opera or IE 6.


      In opera it only works if all buttons are vector objects (?!?!?!?):it doen't work if I import a PNG in the buttons.


      I've put an IF statement (I already tried to use the SWITCH statement with same results) on the very first frame in the menu movie.


      If myvar=="myframelabel1" gotoandstop("myframelabel1")

      If myvar=="myframelabel2" gotoandstop("myframelabel2")

      If myvar=="myframelabel3" gotoandstop("myframelabel3")

      If myvar=="myframelabel4" gotoandstop("myframelabel4")

      If myvar=="myframelabel5" gotoandstop("myframelabel5")

      If myvar=="myframelabel6" gotoandstop("myframelabel6")

      and so on...


      Is there another way to read flashvars in flash?