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    lagging swf

    _name Level 1
      what's up guys,
      i've been away for a vacation and just returned. hope everyone is well.
      i also have a question:
      i have a swf that works beautifully in my flash player, but when published into an html file it seems to lag. i don't have any onEnterFrame's or setIntervals that are not properly terminated. anyone have any thoughts? one last thing, does anyone know if publishing a swf to detect a user's flash version should include some flash generated javascript? if not, what is a good way to approach detecting a user's flash version (mac and pc) and linking to an alternate html file?

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          Greg Dove Level 4
          For the lagging part... I can't say for sure. The browser players are supposedly a little slower than the standalone player so that could be part of it, and may have greater impact on fps etc if there is a lot of code running in onEnterFrames or intervals if its sluggish overall. If its just slow to start in comparison then that could just be the download rate, especially if you have a lot of code or symbols set to export on frame 1.

          In terms of detecting flash version, I tend to use the utility with swfobject (javascript) which I also use for embedding. There are examples for what you want to do I think on the site, plus the expressInstall option if you want to do that instead.

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            _name Level 1
            thanks ,GWD, for the info about the browser player, it's definitely the cause of my problem. the actions that lag in the browser player are those of my animated buttons; they just aren't as fast and smooth as when executed in the stand alone player. i guess i'll just speed them up to compensate. thanks as well for the info about the javascript. i appreciate all your help.