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    Advanced DataGrid: Hierarchy and Flat data in the same grid


      The point is, that I have a data grid, which should represent the same data (from one ArrayCollection) in two different (script-defined) ways: in hierarchy and as a flat data (children should be collapsed and invisable). The problem, I meet, is when the first variant to display data is a "tree" and then it's a "flat" everything does well. But if the first varian is "flat", then icon for expanding children are not shown in "tree", though I can programmaticaly expend children. Switching between two 'views' is made this way: original data is an ArrayCollection, then depending on choice it is drived to the grid as it is, or as a new HierarchyData instance. Both this realisation are asigned to the one Object instance, whitch is bindable and processed as a data provider for the grid.


      If anyone has ideas, what the problem is, or has met it and solved, I'll be pleased to get your comment. Links and questions are also accepted.


      Good luck.