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    Optimizing your workstation question

    HC Park


      My first post and after long search for proper forum on video editing rig

      The posts and replies on this fourm have been really helpful on building my own editing computer

      espeically thanks to Harm for replying to my noob questions and all his guides


      my computer is built, installed OS, now up and running!

      here is the spec


      Intel i7 930

      Asus P6x58d-e (skipped out on premium)

      Mushkin Ridgeback 6 gb (x2 for total of 12 gig of DDR3 RAM at 1600)

      EVGA GTX 470 (Fernie)

      Corsair HX850 PSU

      Intel SSD 160 gb (x25-mainstream)

      Noctua cpu cooler

      Lian li mid tower case




      1tb (x2) seagate barracuda ver.12 (will be raided)

      1tb WD caviar black (photo storage)


      WIll be adding another 500gb for misc files, scartch etc


      ok so here is my question on SOFTWARE side


      what programs do you guys use for your workstation??

      I'm in need of


      1) Anti-Virus software

      2) debating on office 2007 or 2010

      3) various utilities that help optimizing (ex. third party uninstaller)

      4) Anyone running home business and have recommendations for 'must have' or 'good to have' software?


      also Intel SSD Toolbox.. anyone using this program?? it gives me connection error for my SSD but othe HDD are fine..