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    Error #1069 with new XMPData from Adobe CS5


      Hi everyone,


      I've got a video player working on adobe air, it playing well mp4 format or flv with a CS3 or CS4 export from After effects, but now with AE CS5 I've got the 1069 error :


      Error #1069: Property onXMPData not found on com.VideoPlayer and there is no default value


      I saw that the XMP data has some change with the new AE CS5, i think that the metadata of the new export files can't be read by adobe air ...

      I tried to update to air but it's still the same error.

      I tried also to don't add the xmpdata from AE but it's not fix the problem.


      There is a way to have the same export of the metadata from AE CS4 & CS5 ?


      Thank you for your help,