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    RemoteObject fault "strands" pending calls?

      I am seeing the following behavior that is counterintuitive to me. I would like someone to confirm that this is unexpected behavior before I dirty up the the bug list with it:

      Create a RemoteObject to a host and verify that it is functional.
      Send several requests in a row, one of which faults.
      [at this point, I would expect that the faulting request would dispatch its fault event and the remaining requests would continue to execute]
      [short of that, I would expect that if the remaining requests will not run, they would at least dispatch their own fault events]
      Observed behavior in both 2.0.1 hf 2 and Moxie is that the faulting request dispatches its fault event and the remaining events are never heard from again.

      Anyone have any comments on this?

      Thanks in advance.