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    mpeg advance xtra

    Great Blue
      I'm using the mpeg advance xtra from Tabuleiro to play back some mpeg files. While the video is playing my rollovers, usering the "rollover member change" behavior, do not roll over. They work - they just don't change members. When there's no video - no problem. Thoughts?
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          Are you using the tempo channel to monitor for the end of the video file
          ("Wait for cuepoint...")?
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              You should use a frameScript or behavior attached to the #TBMPEGADVANCE
              sprite instead to monitor for currentime = duration. Something like (as
              a behavior attached to the sprite):
              property spriteNum
              property my
              property myDuration
              property myTargetMarker

              on beginSprite me
              my = sprite(spriteNum)
              myDuration = my.member.duration

              on exitFrame me
              if my.currentTime = myDuration then
              end if

              on getPropertyDescriptionList
              pdl = [:]

              lItem = [:]
              lItem[#comment] = "Marker to navigate to when finished:"
              lItem[#format] = #marker
              lItem[#default] = EMPTY

              pdl[#myTargetMarker] = lItem

              return pdl

              And if you choose to use the above, you should remove the "Wait..."
              setting and use a frameScript to hold on a frame until this behavior
              causes the play head to move to another frame.
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                Thanks Sean. I'm happening. I also found the script that comes with the xtra that seems to work as well.

                on exitFrame me
                if sprite(me.spriteNum).currenttime < sprite(me.spriteNum).duration then
                go the frame
                go to "menu"
                end if